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Where to stay

We are so excited you are coming to our wedding!

Please make this trip your vacation, La Paz has a lot to offer and we would love to share La Baja with you.

Here are some tips and reccomendation to make the best of your time here:

Costa baja.jpg

Puerta Cortés

This is where we will be staying for the weekend.

We hope you can stay with us!


Inside Puerta Cortés you can find Costa Baja Hotel, private houses and condos called Colinas and Villas del Mar.

Please contact the hotel directly to make your reservation (avoid expedia and other sources), use the information below for a special discount at Costa Baja Hotel:



Book your room via email:,


or calling the number: +1 (612) 1236004 
Monday to Friday between 9am - 5pm 
Saturday & Sunday 9am - 1pm 

Distances from our wedding venues:

Ceremony: 14min to Nuestra Señora de La Paz Cathedral

Reception: 9min to Sunset Lounge at Puerta Cortés

Hyatt Place

If you are looking for a comfy bed but not necesarily on the beach location, consider this place that shares small distances from our wedding venues:

Ceremony: 15min to Nuestra Señora de La Paz Cathedral

Reception: 6min to Sunset Lounge at Puerta Cortés

hyatt place.jpg

Seven Crown Malecón

Looking for a place with a great view and love everything about the Malecón?

Stay right on the Malecón and enjoy the evening walks, small free access beaches and simple accomodations of this hotel chain.

Distances from our wedding venues:

Ceremony: 5min to Nuestra Señora de La Paz Cathedral

Reception: 23min to Sunset Lounge at Puerta Cortés

Hotel Catedral

Small hotel located right in the center of the city. If you are looking to stay away from the beach and enjoy walking around the magical streets of La Paz, this hotel may be the place you are looking for.

Ceremony: Across the street from Nuestra Señora de La Paz Cathedral

Reception: 22min to Sunset Lounge at Puerta Cortés


What to do

La Paz and Sea of Cortez are known by their breathtaking landscapes and incomparable sealife. 

If this is your first time in town, make sure you take one of this tours to make the best out of your visit:



The calm, crystal-clear waters of this national protected area, are shallow and perfect for beginner swimmers and families.

In order to mantain these natural wonders, access is allowed to a limited amount of people on specific time frames. If you are not going with a pre-paid tour, get there early and be ready to await your turn.

Whale Shark

Whale Sharks have turned La Paz' Sea of Cortes their permanent home and are easy to find most of the year, being October - March the highest season. Don't miss the opportunity to swim with this massive kind creatures, it is a lifetime experience.

TIP: Skip the cold, ask for a swim suit!

tiborun ballena.jpg

Espiritu Santo Island

The best way to explore this unique place is with a sealife expert guiding tour. 

Enjoy the unique landscapes of this UNESCO world heritage site, swim with sea lions, snorkel on coral reefs, explore deserted beaches, and revel in the volcanic landscape of this well-protected reserve.

Malecón Walk

The Malecon is the iconic touristic walkway, nearly 6km long, where you can spend your evening walking along the city's waterfront Sea of Cortez.

Providing you with spectacular views of the palm tree - lined beach as you browse through shops and restaurants.


La Fuente

Get a local icecream at this famous Icecream shop and walk around the Malecón.

Their flavour variety has made them famous and its a must-stop for anyone spending a lovely evening under the incredible sunset by the ocean.


El Cortés Golf Club, ubicado dentro del complejo de Puerta Cortés es el único campo Gary Player Signature en Mexico. Si te estas hospedando en Costa Baja, arma tu grupo de jugadores y contacta a los siguientes datos para conocer la información y tarifas. No olvides mencionar que vienes a la boda de Marisela y Nathan


Where to eat

Here are some of our places in town, if you are looking for a place to eat, check out this options that we love:



María California

Dulce Romero

Vrentino Baking & Co.

Café Doce Cuarenta

Jardín Secreto del Hotel La Concha

Lunch & Dinner


Hana Sushi

Los Laureles

Jardín Secreto del Hotel La Concha


Oyster House

Tres Virgenes



Toro Guero


Harker Board Co.

Sea Side Restaurant

Oliva al mare


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