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Our Story

Join us for a Funny and Romantic Adventure of Love!


The beginning...

In the midst of a global pandemic that turned the world upside down, Marisela and Nathan discovered a love story that was equal parts hilarious and heartwarming. While everyone else found the lockdown to be challenging, for Marisela and Nathan, it became the most extraordinary and joyous time of their lives.

How it happened...

Their journey began on a fateful friend's weekend getaway to Rancho Leonero on the enchanting East Cape. Marisela, invited by her mischievous best friend Jhoanna (our unofficial "madame" matchmaker), found herself in the company of two other girls and a persistent Macho Alpha named Nathan.  Amidst cooking, volleyball, beach walks, and fresh lobster (provided by the aforementioned macho alpha), little did Marisela know that Nathan already had his sights on Marisela.  
Undeterred by Marisela's feigned initial lack of interest, her friend hatched a clever plan to get them connected.  During a sushi party at Nathans house, she went to the bathroom and curiously never returned, leaving Nathan and Marisela alone for better or for worse.


Callejon del beso.HEIC

The journey

From that point on, their relationship evolved from group activities into countless solo adventures, road trips, and travelling as much as possible to La Ventana, Los Barriles, Todos Santos, and El Triunfo.  As they explored the Baja together, their bond grew stronger, and what started as a simple friendship became an inseparable connection.  


Nathan even took Salsa classes to try and win her over, which for those who have seen Nathan dance, is something so awkwardly horrendous that Marisela has decided to spare the wedding guests from having to witness.      


Watching breathtaking sunsets on the beach, with pizza and wine was one of their favorite things to do. But it was on a road trip to a little mountain near Rancho Gaspareño on the Pacific side that destiny intervened. After a few shots of courage from their new best friend Don Julio 70, Marisela and Nathan shared their first kiss.

The birthday party

Amidst their lighthearted journey, Marisela in her fashion that we all know too well, threw an unforgettable 40th birthday bash for Nathan, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.  Little did Nathan know that this fun-filled celebration was just a preview of the joy and laughter they would experience together in the years to come.


Proposal day.HEIC

The proposal

After two years of laughter, adventures, and countless hysterical moments, Nathan decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level.  One week before Marisela's birthday in September 2022, during a road trip to their favorite spot in Todos Santos, Nathan surprised Marisela with a romantic dinner at Il Giardino.  Over a bottle of Taittinger Comtes Champagne which they had brought back from Paris, he nervously proposed, knowing that a slightly tipsy Marisela was more likely to say yes to this life-changing decision.  While some (Marisela) may continue to argue that Paris would have been the more obvious destination choice for a proposal, Nathan's imperfections and unexpectedly poor venue choices added a touch of whimsy to their love story.


Love conquers all

There is just one tiny obstacle that remains - their arguably adorable three-legged, "slightly" unique dog named Winny.  Nathan may not have been a fan at first, but with their impending marriage, Marisela is naively hopeful that he'll have no choice but to embrace her lovable furry companion.


Join us as we celebrate their unique and unforgettable love story, filled with laughter, romance, and a whole lot of fun. Together, Marisela and Nathan remind us that love knows no boundaries, not even during a pandemic, and that the greatest adventures are often found in the most unexpected moments.

Save the Date and prepare for an evening of

laughter, love, and happily ever after!

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